Markdown for Everything

I like to use markdown for everything: for my blogs, my emails (though they are mostly plain text), most of my short technical writing, and for most presentations. There have been many reasons for this shift: Markdown is so much faster. Creating a Power Point presentation from an existing writeup or notes used to take… Continue reading Markdown for Everything

Moving to a tiling window manager

Over two blog posts, I have described my journey towards minimalism – from Windows to Ubuntu at the beginning of the decade, then to Xubuntu over two years back, and onward to Arch Linux a year ago. While moving to Arch Linux, I abandoned desktop environments in favour of a relatively minimalist window manager (Openbox).… Continue reading Moving to a tiling window manager

Digital wills and printable password vaults

Digital Wills Digital wills are mechanisms that determine who has access to our digital data after death. One of the critical challenges for transmitting online and offline digital data is the transmission of passwords. Offline digital data is the data in our laptops and various storage devices. Transmitting this data is relatively easy because the… Continue reading Digital wills and printable password vaults

From Software Bloat to Minimalism

Maciej Ceglowski has a fascinating blog post in which he argues that the popular form of Moore’s Law (“computers always get faster and more capable”) is beginning to break down, but it does not matter because “the devices we use are becoming ‘good enough’”. However, as Ceglowski points out, stagnating computing power turns software bloat… Continue reading From Software Bloat to Minimalism