From Software Bloat to Minimalism

Maciej Ceglowski has a fascinating blog post in which he argues that the popular form of Moore’s Law (“computers always get faster and more capable”) is beginning to break down, but it does not matter because “the devices we use are becoming ‘good enough’”. However, as Ceglowski points out, stagnating computing power turns software bloat… Continue reading From Software Bloat to Minimalism


Installing QuantLib-Python Quantitative Finance Library in Windows

QuantLib is a high quality open source C++ library for quantitative finance. There is also a mechanism (based on SWIG) to use this C++ library in Python without knowing any C++ at all, and this makes QuantLib extremely useful in the classroom: Prof. Vineet Virmani and I have a working paper about our experience with… Continue reading Installing QuantLib-Python Quantitative Finance Library in Windows